TMJ Meeting: A Multidisciplinary Approach. REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN

TMJ Meeting: A Multidisciplinary Approach. REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN

Dentistry, Orthodontics, TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint
Hotel Meliá Castilla, C/Capitán Haya 43, Madrid. Spain
February Thursday 19 8:00
February Saturday 21 15:00

Download here the program with the abstracts




Dr. Domingo Martín (Orthodontist, Spain)


Dr. Jaime Gil (Prosthodontist, Spain)
Dr. José María Moriyón (Orthodontist, Spain)
Dr. Rafael Muñoz (Orofacial Pain Expert, Spain)


Dr. Claudia Aichinger (Orthodontist, Austria)
Dr. Alberto Canábez (Orthodontist, Spain)
Dr. Renato Cocconi (Orthodontist, Italy)
Dr. Salvador Congost (Prosthodontist, Germany)
Dr. José Luis De la Hoz (Orofacial Pain Expert, Spain)
Dr. Eduardo Espinar (Orthodontist, Spain)
Dr. Henry Gremillion (Orofacial Pain Expert, USA)
Dr. David Hatcher (Maxillofacial Radiologist, USA)
Dr. Vicente Jiménez (Prosthodontist, Spain)
Dr. Robert Kerstein (Prosthodontist, USA)
Dr. Domingo Martín (Orthodontist, Spain)
Dr. Ambra Michelotti (Orthodontist, Italy)
Dr. Guillermo Ochoa (Orthodontist, Argentina)
Dr. Jeffrey Okeson (Orofacial Pain Expert, USA)
Dr. Mariano Rocabado (Doctor in Physical Therapy, Chile)


Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of February 2015


Thursday 19th of February:

  • Functional Occlusion as a Therapeutic Objective for the Treatment of Patients with TMD (Temporomandibular Dysfunction)
  • Occlusion ini TMD, in Dentistry and in Medicine: A Comprehensive View of the Dysfunctional Patient
  • A Stable Condylar Position as a Treatment Goal: What is the clinical evidence?
  • Occlusal Adjustment in patients with TMD: Why, How, When and Where?
  • Orthodontics and patient with TMD: A long way to go
  • The role of orthodontist in the management of TMD
  • The Dynamics and Function of the Masticatory System: The Multiple (Inter)faces of Occlusion

Friday 20th of February:

  • The Importance of Condylar Position in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of TMD
  • 25 years of Clinical Evidence Proving Occlusion's role in TMD
  • Seating the Condyles and Pacification of the Muscles with Interoclusal Appliances: A New Approach
  • The Effects of Selected Articular Disorders on Facial Growth
  • Occlusal Transverse Plane dependent on the Congruent Craniovertebral Relation and the progress of the TMJ pathology
  • Severe Class II's and TMD: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies
  • TMD and Occlusion: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Saturday 21st of February:

  • Condylar Position: Why all the Controversy? Part I
  • Condylar Position: Why all the Controversy? Part II
  • Is Orthodontics Indicated for the TMD Patient?



Registration to the Meeting (without hotel reservation)


Regular fee (Fee n.º1)                                                            450€

Students and alumni of the
Osteoplac/Formedika modular courses                                    350€
(Fee n.º2)

Those who only attend the conferences
of the Saturday 21st of February                                             350€       
(Fee n.º3)

Registration + accommodation package*

Registration + 3 nights package, single room                          790€
(Fee n.º4)

Registration + 3 nights package, double room                         810€
(Fee n.º5)    

Registration + 4 nights package, single room                           910€
(Fee n.º6)

Registrarion + 4 nights package, double room                          930€
(Fee n.º7)

*Buffet breakfast included
Fees n.º4 and n.º5, arrival: Wednesday 18th - departure: Saturday 21st of February 2015
Fees n.º6 and n.º7, arrival: Wednesday 18th - departure: Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Hotel Fees* (without Meeting registration)

                                                                    Wed. 18th and Thurs. 19th, February 2015         Fri. 20th and Sat. 21st, February 2015

Single room                                                                      159,50€ per day                                             126,50€ per day

Double room                                                                     170,50€ per day                                            126,50€ per day

*Buffet breakfast included. Limited places. Reservations in order of registration.

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Cancelation policy

Once the registration fee (without accommodation) is paid, the student will have the right to a full refund if cancellation takes place at least 30 days before the start date of the Meeting. If the student cancels up to 15 days before the Meeting starts, only the 50% of the payment (without accommodation) will be refunded. No refunds will be provided within 14 days of the course’s start date and in no case the accommodation fee will be reimbursed.


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Hotel Meliá Castilla
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