Orthognathic Surgery IPS CaseDesigner Course: REGISTRATION OPEN!

Orthognathic Surgery IPS CaseDesigner Course: REGISTRATION OPEN!

Course in English
Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery
Hotel Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII, Madrid. Spain
June Friday 21 9:45
June Friday 21 18:30

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Aimed at

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons


Prof. Dr. Gwen Swennen (Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Belgium)


  • Registration
  • Imaging workflow
    • Imaging workflow from DICOM / STL data towards a 3D virtual articulator of the patient
    • Setting up the PHP (Planning Head Position) based on the clinical NHP (Natural Head Position)
    • Scanning protocols for non-segmental and segmental occlusal definition
    • Discussion

  • 3D Virtual diagnostics and osteotomies
    • Virtual diagnostics including customized and user-friendly 3D cephalometric analysis
    • Creating virtual customized non-segmental and segmental osteotomies
    • “Pitch Roll Yaw “and 3D translational movements with simultaneous soft tissue simulation
    • Discussion

  • 3D virtual treatment planning
    • Clinical driven “Step-by-Step” Individualized 3D Virtual Treatment Planning using “the 10 Steps”
    • Planning several cases
    • Discussion

  • Transfer of the 3D virtual treatment plan
    • Creating virtual splints (“maxilla first” or “mandible first”)
    • IPS Gate the online communication platform (virtual splints vs. Patient Specific Implants)
    • Planning several cases (continued)
    • Discussion

  • Final remarks




Until the 31st of May 3019      From the 1st of June 2019
              450€                                     600€


Hotel Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII
C/ Alfonso XII, 18
(Retiro - Puerta de Alcalá)
28014, Madrid. España

2019-06-21 09:45:00
2019-06-21 18:30:00

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