Great Success of the FACE Revolution Meeting

After the restrictions of the pandemic and many months of preparation, the FACE Revolution Orthodontics group celebrated the FACE Revolution International Meeting in Madrid on the 25th and 26th of March 2022. More than 300 specialists from various countries attended the event: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, Turkey, United Kingdom, Czech Republic...

The followers of the FACE philosophy were excited to meet their friends and colleagues once again, and filled the main auditorium in a few months. To be able to welcome all the interested doctors, the organization equipped an extra room to ensure that no one was left out, hanging the "sold out" sign 15 days before the event.

The attending orthodontists had the opportunity to share and enjoy two days of lecture with top doctors like Dr. Domingo Martín, Dr. Alberto Canábez, Dr. Carlos Becerra, Dr. Armando Dias da Silva, Dr. Rafael Écija, Dr. Iñigo Gómez Bollain, Dr. Aránzazu Senosiain, Dr. Emma Vilaró and Dr. Milo Sherrington, as well as emerging orthodontists such as Dr. Pablo Arias-Camisón, Dr. Javier Aznar and Dr. Beatriz Celis who work side by side with Dr. Domingo Martín and Dr. Aránzazu Senosiain in their clinics.

Dr. Iñigo Gómez Bollain welcomed all the participants presenting the event and giving way to the Chilean orthodontist, Dr. Carlos Becerra, who focused his presentation on the mechanics of space closure and distalization in the FACE Philosophy. Afterwards, Dr. Gómez Bollain presented his clinical cases of open bites in growing patients.

Subsequently, the great protagonist of the meeting was presented: FAS (FACE Aligner System), developed by Dr. Domingo Martín and Dr. Alberto Canábez during the months of lockdown. The aligner system that pursues the FACE philosophy objectives and achieves a precision never seen before in the world of aligners.

Dr. Aránzazu Senosiain was the one who gave the opening of the second day talking about orthodontics in adults with some spectacular cases. Next, Dr. Rafael Écija approached the subject of Sleep Apnea, showing the importance of Orthodontics in this pathology. Dr. Emma Vilaró highlighted the importance of teamwork and presented Orthodontic and Prosthodontic cases. The closing of the morning was given by Dr. Armando Dias da Silva, a lecture on the diagnosis and treatment of the transversal problem, MARPE/BAME.

To end the event, the presentation by Dr. Pablo Arias-Camisón focused on corticotomies, Dr. Beatriz Celis presented the diagnostic keys in 2022 in the FACE philosophy and the presentation by Dr. Javier Aznar was about retromolar microscrews to solve Class II with open bites and hyperdivergent patterns. Dr. Milo Sherrington gave the final touch offering keys for the digitization of orthodontics, concepts that are very much in vogue today.

All the speakers showed very high level clinical cases, which has been very positively valued by the attendees.

If you still are eager to learn more about the FACE philosophy and have succumbed to digitization, don't miss the next course organized by FACE and Formedika. More information




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