International students on the ATM course

Formedika has broadened its training programme offering postgraduate studies through English for international students at its campus in San Sebastián (Spain).

The postgraduate course on the Temporomandibular Joint (ATM) is attended by doctors from a variety of countries such as Denmark, Austria, Russia, USA, United Arab Emirates and Romania. A very interesting and enriching international atmosphere is thus created which benefits both students and teaching staff alike.

Our primary lecturers are Orthodontist and Physiotherapist Dr. Mariano Rocabado (Doctor of Physical Therapy, Chile) and Dr. Guillermo Ochoa (A specialist Temporomandibular Joint Orthodontist, Argentina), as Physiotherapy plays an important role in the Temporomandibular Joint; the most complex of articulations in the human body. The practical classes deserve a special mention for the interest they generate and for the time that is dedicated to them on the course. Half of the course is theoretical and the other half is entirely practical.

The second session of this postgraduate course took place on 11th-13th July. Students put the knowledge they had acquired into practice and thanks to the good weather, also took the time to enjoy the fantastic beaches in San Sebastián and its tapas tours.

The next edition of the course is in Spanish and the first sessions run from 11th-14th June 2014.

For more information please consult the official webpage for the course.

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