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The first edition of the FACE 100% digital Hands on Course comes to an end

Sunday marked the end of the FACE 100% Digital Hands on Course held at the Formedika facilities in San Sebastian (Spain). During the last 4 days, doctors Domingo Martín (Orthodontist, San Sebastian), Alberto Canábez (Orthodontist, Barcelona), Melih Şengül (Prosthodontist, Turkey) and Korkmaz Sayinsu (Orthodontist, Turkey) have been the speakers in charge of giving this fourth and last session.

This course is aimed at those orthodontists who want to be prepared for the future. There is no doubt that the future is digital and orthodontics is no exception. In recent years orthodontics has undergone significant progress thanks to the use of digital technology that has transformed the way patients are diagnosed, planned and treated. This is why this type of training is so necessary today, as only those professionals who are prepared for the new times will be the ones who can enjoy a privileged position.

The attendees were delighted with the quality and content offered during the course. The registration period for a second edition is now open, so don't miss out and learn from the best!

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From left to right: Alberto Canábez (Orthodontist, Barcelona), Korkmaz Sayinsu (Orthodontist, Turkey), Melih Şengül (Prosthodontist, Turkey) and Domingo Martín (Orthodontist, San Sebastián).





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