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6th Mapping Course held annually at Bellvitge University Hospital

From November 21st-24th, 2023, the University Hospital of Bellvitge, in Barcelona, witnessed a milestone in neurosurgery with the successful holding of the 6th Mapping Course, an annual event that has gained renown for excellence in the field.

This year, the most outstanding novelty was the incorporation of the parallel course entitled "Neuropsychological Assistance Course", designed specifically for neuropsychologists and neurosurgeons and given on Wednesday, November 22nd, was co-directed by Dr. Anna Gasa-Roqué and Dr. Joanna Sierpowska, both neuropsychologists from Barcelona.

The two courses were directed by the eminent Dr. Andreu Gabarrós and co-directed by a team of experts composed of Dr. Alejandro Fernández-Coello, Dr. Gerard Plans and Dr. Isabel Fernández-Conejero, all of them outstanding members of the Brain Mapping Program of the Department of Neurosurgery of the University Hospital of Bellvitge.

In addition to them, the event was attended by distinguished guest speakers of international renown. Among the distinguished speakers were Dr. Hugues Duffau (Neurosurgeon, France), Dr. Francesco Sala (Neurosurgeon, Italy), Dr. Emmanuel Mandonnet (Neurosurgeon, France) and Dr. Juan Martino (Neurosurgeon, Spain).

All these experts shared their knowledge and experience, enriching the event with global perspectives on the latest trends in neurosurgery. During the course, the anatomical and theoretical foundations essential for the implementation of advanced techniques were addressed. In addition, practical sessions were held, including white matter fiber tractography using DTI for intraoperative navigation, fiber dissection and a course on the use of CUSA ultrasonic aspirators on cadaver specimens.

The event ended with the live transmission of two surgeries, where participants applied the lessons learned during the course in real time. This sixth edition has not only consolidated the Mapping Course's position as a reference in neurosurgery, but has also set a new standard by including the specialized course for neuropsychologists.

We thank all participants, speakers and collaborators for contributing to the success of this exceptional event. We eagerly anticipate future editions and new achievements in the exploration of cutting-edge neurosurgery!


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