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"Barcelona prepares for the fourth edition of the international course: Masters of Brain Ultrasound in Neurosurgery"

Barcelona will become the epicenter of innovation in neurosurgery on April 18 and 19, 2024 with the arrival of the fourth edition of the "Masters of Brain Ultrasound in Neurosurgery" course. This outstanding event, directed by the eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Cristian de Quintana (H. U. Santa Creu i Sant Pau), promises to be a milestone in the exploration of the latest frontiers of neurosurgery.

The course will be attended by distinguished international experts, including Geirmund Unsgård (Norway), Aliasgar Moiyadi (India), Francesco Prada (USA), Juan Ángel Aibar Durán (Barcelona), Francisco DiMeco (Italy), Llewellyn Padayachi (South Africa), Alessandro Perin (Italy), Brian Nahed (USA) and Berta Freixer (Barcelona). All of them will share their knowledge and experience, consolidating this event as a unique opportunity in the field of neurosurgery.

With a particular focus on brain ultrasound, the course will also dive into the growing interest in intraoperative imaging in the field of neurosurgery, especially in Neuro-Oncology, where this interest becomes a necessity to assess the degree of resection and the possibility of residual tumor.
In this context, neuronavigated ultrasound presents itself as an excellent tool, offering high quality images, fast acquisition (no need to stop surgery to use it), cost-effectiveness, portability and reproducibility (as many times as necessary). Despite these advantages, some neurosurgeons avoid the use of ultrasound because of the learning curve in spatial orientation and image interpretation.

The uniqueness of this course lies in its eminently practical approach, aimed at teaching the necessary skills to use intraoperative ultrasound in Neuro-Oncology. Unlike other similar courses, this one not only provides theoretical knowledge, but especially emphasizes its practical aspect. This goal is achieved thanks to the presence of an expert faculty, limiting participation to a maximum of 20 people. In addition, attendees will have at their disposal ultrasound devices and practical models that will allow them to train orientation and image interpretation.

For those interested in participating in this unique experience, registration is encouraged by February 25 to take advantage of the reduced rate. This course presents a unique opportunity for those looking to enhance their career in the world of neurosurgery.

For more details and registration, click here.

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