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  • The Conference Department within Osteoplac is now referred to as Formedika

The Conference Department within Osteoplac is now referred to as Formedika

Osteoplac has vast experience in the medico dental sector, in the sale of materials as well as the organisation of courses and conferences.

The Conference Department within Osteoplac has grown over the years and has now reached a stage where it operates independently as Formedika.


Formedika will attend the next meeting of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics (SEDO) in Oviedo to present its new brand and the on-going courses and postgraduate training courses that it offers for the medico dental sector. Postgraduate courses in Pediatric Dentistry, ATM, Orthognathic Surgery etc.

Formedika has also launched its new website which contains information about its calendar of training courses for the coming months, as well as details about its facilities for meetings, courses and events of all types. Located in San Sebastián, facilities include a conference room, clinic and fully-equipped laboratory.

Our new logo brings the concepts of training and medicine, the two great pillars of Formedika’s work philosophy, together in one simple design. Formedika’s new mission, alongside Osteoplac, is to oversee the organisation of Osteoplac’s training programme as well as its own, which includes distinguished postgraduate courses such as FACE in Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery, ATM and Pediatric Dentistry, amongst others.


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