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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Registration will be confirmed when the payment and the duly completed registration form have been received. Make sure the student's name appears in the bank transfer's information. Banking charges incurred by payment of the course fees are borne by the student. Formedika does not accept any intermediary bank fees.

Once the registration fees have been paid, the student has the right to a full refund of said fees if cancellation takes place at least 30 days before the course start date.

In no case there will be a reimbursement of the accommodation fee (in case there is one).

In the case of postgraduate courses, we inform you that if you cannot attend the course, we will refund the tuition fees provided only if at least 90 days notice (before the course begins) is given. No refunds will be made afterward. Since the postgraduate courses have a limited number of places, if you do not attend the course due to delays or absences (e.g. illness), or if you abandon the course before it is completed, you will not have the right to get a refund and you will have the obligation to pay all courses fees. Formedika Education, S.L.U. reserves the right to make any change, modification or cancellation to its program of courses and conferences. The events can be canceled in case a minimum number of attendees has not been reached.

The data, information and analysis provided during the course, either through the exposure of teaching material, presentations, tutorials, presentation of clinical cases or any other opinion of whatever nature, are exonerated of any responsibility as they are not considered a diagnosis or a treatment, but contents incorporated to a course instead. Since Dentistry and Medicine are not an exact science, I assume the tutor does not guarantee and cannot ensure the result of the presented treatment in the clinical case, as any contribution is merely an analysis of the clinical case taking into account his criteria, but not a diagnosis associated to any possible treatment. Hence, I will not request, and no one will request on my behalf, any compensation or reparation of damages (legal, financial or in equity) for such exposure.

It is mandatory to assist to all sessions and pay the total amount of the course in order to receive the corresponding diploma. 

We have no consent from the patients for pictures and videos. It is not allowed to take pictures or to record presentations and any course content - if any material leaks online or will be spread by any other means, you will have the full legal responsibility.

The technical secretariat and their organizers do not assume any responsibility for any accident, loss or damage caused to the private property of the attendees or their companions during the celebration of the Congress.

Note regarding Covid-19: Formedika Education, S.L.U. is continuously monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and aims to minimize disruption to planned courses and educational events. However, in the current climate, Formedika Education, S.L.U. cannot exclude the possibility that scheduled courses or events will be postponed, cancelled, or otherwise disrupted. Formedika Education, S.L.U. endeavours to give due notice of these decisions but encourages you to ensure the tickets and accommodation you book yourself are refundable.

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