FACE 100% Digital Hands on Course. ¡ÚLTIMAS PLAZAS!

FACE 100% Digital Hands on Course. ¡ÚLTIMAS PLAZAS!

Odontología, Ortodoncia
Centro Formedika, San Sebastián. España
Paseo Urumea 3 bajo C. 20014 San Sebastián
Fecha inicio
Octubre Lunes 10 9:00
Fecha fin
Octubre Jueves 13 14:00

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The course will consist of 4 sessions in San Sebastian (Spain).
The duration of each session will be 4 days.


SESSION 1: 10th to 13th October, 2022
SESSION 2: 19th to 22nd January, 2023
SESSION 3: 13th to 16th April, 2023
SESSION 4: 29th June to 2nd July, 2023


Orthodontists, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons with a solid orthodontic background.




Dr. Domingo Martín (San Sebastián)
Dr. Alberto Canábez (Barcelona)
Dr. Javier Aznar (San Sebastián)
Dr. Pablo Arias (San Sebastián)
Dr. Aner Usarraga (San Sebastián)
Dr. Aránzazu Senosiain (Madrid)


  • How to apply the FACE philosophy of treatment in your daily practice digitally
  • You will become an expert in digital diagnosis
  • How to obtain and comprehend perfect digital records
  • You will become confident planning your digital orthodontic cases
  • How to manage your digital models
  • How to master the Nemotec software
  • How to master the Axioprisa SAM system
  • How to master Dolphin software
  • How to use and take full advantage of Smilecloud (DSD software)
  • How to master 3Shape Orthoanalyzer
  • How to master 4D by Modjaw for diagnosis and treatment planning
  • How to use Meshmixer and Horos (free software)
  • How to use OccluSense in your daily practice
  • How to master indirect digital bonding
  • How to master placement and location of skeletal anchorage devices digitally
  • How to manage TMJ patients with digital records
  • How to plan and construct digital splints
  • How to read and interpretate CBCT’s and MRI’s
  • You will become confident in the use of digital records in multidisciplinary and surgical orthodontics
  • You will become an expert in FAS, the Face Aligner System


Pº Urumea 3, bajo
20014 San Sebastián (España)


The course fee will be 10.000€ + registration fee: 1.500€

This includes all course material, lunch breaks, coffee breaks and one group dinner each session.

Payment method:

Registration fee: 1.500 euros (to be paid to confirm the registration)

1st payment: 5.000€ (before the 10th of September, 2022)

2nd payment: 5.000€ (before the 10th of December, 2022)


Last place available. If you are interested in registering please send an email to:


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