FACE Revolution International Meeting. SOLD OUT

FACE Revolution International Meeting. SOLD OUT

International Event
Dentistry, Orthodontics
Madrid, Spain
March Friday 25 8:15
March Saturday 26 19:00

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25th and 26th of March, 2022


Dentists specialized in orthodontics


Spanish and English with translation


Dr. Domingo Martín
Dr. Carlos Becerra
Dr. Renato Cocconi
Dr. Pablo Arias-Camisón
Dr. Javier Aznar
Dr. Alberto Canábez
Dr. Beatriz Celis
Dr. Armando Dias da Silva
Dr. Rafael Écija
Dr. Iñigo Gómez Bollain
Dr. Eugénio Martins
Dr. Aránzazu Senosiain
Dr. Emma Vilaró


  • Treatment mechanics in the closure of extraction spaces and distalization. Which one to choose?
  • Treatment of open bite in growing patients
  • Digital Orthodontics to Ortho Facial Dentistry
  • Corticotomies in daily practice
  • Diagnostic keys in 2022 in the FACE philosophy
  • Retromolar microscrews to solve Class II with open bites and hyperdivergent patterns
  • Clinical aspects of airway and mixed dentition treatment
  • Complex orthodontic cases in adults
  • Sleep apnea in contemporary orthodontics
  • Orthodontics and Prosthodontics: The importance of teamwork
  • From MARPE to BAME: the new paradigm in the treatment of endognathias in young adults
  • FAS (FACE Aligner System)


At FACE Revolution we are always on the forefront and cutting edge of orthodontics. Today everything changes so fast that to keep up, you need to re-invent yourself almost daily. At FACE we never stop advancing and this is easily seen in our approach to Interdisciplinary Orthodontics.

The key to interdisciplinary orthodontics is the fact that we incorporate other specialists in our treatment plans to obtain our functional and esthetic goals. The question that we often ask ourselves: is it possible to obtain all the goals by doing only orthodontics? The answer is almost always “NO” and this is the reason why we need to work in a team environment. Each member of the FACE group has a team that works together for excellence.


We at FACE do not only treat teeth, we treat patients and patients are much more than only teeth. Orthodontics does not start and end in the mouth, more elements must be taken into account so that the patient always receives the best result both aesthetically and functionally.

We have a different philosophy, and we do it because we know that when it comes to orthodontics, everything is related in the stomatognathic system and that is why we always do on every patient a complete and thorough diagnosis.




Current students of Orthodontics University Postgraduates, FACE students and Formedika’s Modular Courses current students.
It is necessary to provide a student certificate.

400 euros
Regular fee 500 euros

Limited places
Lunch not included


Castellana, 81
28046 MADRID


Once the registration fee has been paid, the candidate will have the right to a full refund of the same if the resignation is expressly made 30 days before the starting date of the course.


Formedika is continuously monitoring the situation related to COVID-19 in order to avoid the interruption of planned events. However, taking into account the current situation, Formedika cannot exclude the possibility that the scheduled courses or congresses are postponed, canceled or interrupted due to external causes. Formedika strives to duly notify the news that may be in this regard, but recommends that you ensure that the trips and accommodation you reserve are refundable, since it will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by the assistant in case of change, modification or cancellation.

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