Venue hire

Our location and facility offers every element that facilitates the organisation of events, short courses, presentations and meetings. We have more than 20 years' experience in the organisation of events. 

Here are the types of successful events that have taken place in our centre.




Venue hired - courses

Many prestigious doctors have used our venue and facilities for their courses. The conference room, 5 sets of dental equipment and 12 workstations in the practice room allow us to offer a complete service to professionals and caters to their requirements.


Product Launches

Various commercial companies have chosen our venue to launch new products, to offer exclusive services to their clients, train their sales staff, and undertake product demonstrations.


Live Surgery

More than 100 surgeries have been performed at our clinic. A video camera positioned on one of our dental beds ensures that surgeries can be viewed live from the conference room or on the clinic’s television. Audio facilities are also available that allow live communication with the doctor who is operating.


Practice Room

Practicals are of great interest to all professionals. We offer courses in prosthetics, pre-clinical practicals, polishing, grafting on pigs' heads, sinus membrane elevation in sheeps' heads and practicals in composites and ceramics. Each workstation has a light box for viewing x-rays and it is also possible to hire micro motors and handpieces.

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