Event and congress services

Formedika offers a variety of additional services to ensure your event, course or congress is unique, in San Sebastian as well as in other cities in Europe. We have various years of experience in the organization of congresses and courses in the dental and medical sector. Get in touch with us to ask for your personal budget of your event.


Technical Secretarial Services

We plan and manage all technical secretarial services, in San Sebastian as well as in Europe, such as: secretarial services in the venue, registration management, supervision of your event-program, communication with speakers, accreditation, signage, diplomas, documentation, contracting of hostesses and other services.

Reservation Services

Formedika has the experience and contacts to offer you multiple services: hotel reservations, bookings in renowned restaurants, buses and taxi, organization of social program, etc.


We offer the management for coffee breaks, lunches, cocktails etc. The catering services we offer vary in relation to the type of event and most importantly to the requirements of our clients.


Regarding the venue of your event, we take care of the following: reservation of auditorium and conference rooms, management of audiovisual media, recruiting and management of translation, cloakroom, space for commercial displays, contracting of Wi-Fi, decoration according to your event brand, etc.

Communications and Promotions

Our communication department offers the following services, such as graphic branding of your event, advertising, management of the event website and social networks, mailshots to a mailing list of all professionals in the sector, events calendar, newsletter, etc., which can all contribute to the promotion of your event in our venue.

We strive to ensure your clients have an excellent experience of Formedika and leave with memories they will always cherish.

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