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Barcelona becomes the capital of neurosurgical advancement with the successful 'Masters of Brain Ultrasound' course

During April 18th-19th, Barcelona was the epicenter of neurosurgical advancement with the celebration of the "Masters of Brain Ultrasound in Neurosurgery" course. Organized with meticulousness and passion, the event brought together leading professionals and inquisitive minds in the field of neurosurgery to explore the latest innovations in brain ultrasound.

Led by the prestigious neurosurgeon, Dr. Cristian De Quintana, the course was attended by internationally renowned professionals:

- Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi (Bombay, India).
- Dr. Francesco DiMeco (Milan, Italy)
- Dr. Geirmund Unsgård (Trondheim, Norway)
- Dr. Francesco Prada (Milan, Italy)
- Dr. Llewellyn Padayachy (Pretoria, South Africa)
- Dr. Brian Nahed (Boston, USA)
- Dr. Juan Ángel Aibar Durán (Barcelona, Spain)
- Dr. Alessandro Perin (Milan, Italy)
- Dr. Berta Freixer (Barcelona, Spain)

The first day of the course provided a diverse range of knowledge and practices that set the tone for a unique educational experience. From introduction to the basics of brain ultrasound to mastery of intraoperative technique, participants were guided through a series of keynote presentations and hands-on training. In addition, the day was full with valuable interactions and networking opportunities, culminating in a dinner where the community came together in an informal but enriching atmosphere.

The second day of the course promised even more excitement with live case presentations and additional training in intraoperative ultrasound simulation. Most notable, however, was the palpable enthusiasm of the trainees, who praised various aspects of the course such as:

- Practicality and expert advice, cited as highlights by multiple participants.
- In-depth discussions and dissertations that broadened the horizon of knowledge.
- Hands-on activities that provided an immersive and invaluable experience.
- Clear and effective communication from the speakers, supported by powerful audiovisual resources.

In summary, the "Masters of Brain Ultrasound in Neurosurgery" course was not only an educational event, but a dynamic platform where professional excellence met passion for innovation. We thank all participants and speakers for making this event a resounding success.

For more information on future events and professional development opportunities in neurosurgery, please do not hesitate to consult our training offer.


Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi (Neurosurgeon, India) during his lecture.


Attendees and speakers at the course

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